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Domestic Violence Education Opportunities

Community Education

The Crisis Center for South Suburbia is committed to community education to ensure that as many victims as possible are able to reach the services they so desperately need. Crisis Center staff members provide informational sessions on domestic violence to community organizations, law enforcement agencies, universities and other organizations. Presentations focus on the complex issues of domestic violence and are offered free of charge. To schedule a presentation, contact us at communityeducation@crisisctr.org or 708-429-7255.


Domestic Violence 101

Our Domestic Violence 101 (DV 101) course is offered throughout the year and provides a condensed educational opportunity for those who would like to learn more about domestic violence. Below are the registration links for our DV 101 training.

Training Dates and Locations.
Neat Repeats Resale, Orland Park, IL

CCSS Center, Tinley Park, IL

Click on the date to register for the training


40-hour Domestic Violence Training

The 40-Hour Domestic Violence Training course provides participants with an overview of the complex social dynamics of domestic violence and intervention principles for working with domestic violence victims and their children. It includes all ICDVP required topics for the 40-hour training. This means that completing any of the following options will allow participants to work with domestic violence victims within an agency setting. The Crisis Center offers the following three options for participants to complete the 40-hour training:

In-Person Training:  This course is offered four times a year. This course is completed in an 8 hour/day, Monday through Friday and will allow the participant to pursue the Illinois Certified Domestic Violence Professional (CDVP) credential.  The in-person training fee is $275 per participant and lunch will be provided each day.

Registration NOW OPEN for our next In-Person Training in Tinley Park, IL beginning Monday, June 3 – Friday, June 7 from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. CST. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER FOR THE IN-PERSON TRAINING
  •  Online Training: This training is completed on the attendee’s own schedule.  This option does not allow the participant to pursue the CDVP credential, however, attendees who choose this option can decide to take the in-person option in the future with CCSS at no charge. The online training fee is $275 per participant.


  • Online/In-person 20/20 Training: Participants first sign up with the Illinois Coalition Against Domestic Violence and complete the 20-hour ICADV online course.  Participants can then attend 20 hours of the Crisis Center’s 40-hour in-person course.  This option will allow the participant to pursue the CDVP credential. The fee for the Crisis Center 20-hour in-person training is $125 per participant.

Enrollment in the in-person series is limited and participants are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.  To inquire about the 20/20 program please contact Megan McShane at mmcshane@crisisctr.org or 708-429-7255.


One-hour Domestic Violence Training for Salon Professionals

The Crisis Center appreciates the unique position that Salon Professionals are in to offer victims a safe, comfortable, private space to share their concerns and fears. As such, if you are in our catchment area, we are committed to preparing you to respond to incidents of domestic violence among your clients through in-person group training at no charge.


This one-hour domestic violence training meets the requirement of the IL Dept. of Financial and Professional Regulation for licensure for all cosmetologists, cosmetology teachers, estheticians, esthetic teachers, hair braiders, hair braiding teachers, nail technicians, and nail technology teachers.

This free training cannot be combined with other Continuing Education training.

For on location in person training, we require a minimum group size of 10. For groups of 25 or more, a fee of $0.50 per person will be charged for printed materials required for the training. To schedule an in-person group training on location, please contact us at communityeducation@crisisctr.org.

We also offer this training through our convenient online format, which meets all of the requirements of the IL Dept. of Financial and Professional Regulation. The cost is $25 per person.



One-hour Sexual Harassment Prevention Training for Illinois Licensed Professionals

This one-hour sexual harassment prevention training meets the continuing education requirement for all Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation licensed professionals.  Attendees will learn the definition of sexual harassment consistent with the Illinois Human Rights Act.  In addition, a summary of Federal and State statutes with provisions about sexual harassment will be reviewed, responsibilities of employers, workplace remedies, steps for filing a claim and resources will be given.

The cost for this training is $25 per person for on site in-person training, offered at your preferred site.  Minimum group size is 10. To schedule a training, please contact communityeducation@crisisctr.org or 708-429-7255.


We also offer this training through our convenient online format, which meets all of the requirements of the IL Dept. of Financial and Professional Regulation. The cost is $25 per person.


For more information about our prevention program or to schedule a presentation, please contact Tracy Curtis at tcurtis@crisisctr.org, 708-429-7255. 

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