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About Us

Our Vision

The Crisis Center for South Suburbia (CCSS) envisions a community where domestic violence is not tolerated; where all people are safe.  The Crisis Center works toward that vision through direct services to victims, through advocacy with systems in the community, by raising awareness through education and by holding abusers accountable.

Our Philosophy

The Crisis Center for South Suburbia believes that people have a right to self-determination in all aspects of their lives, and to live a life free from violence. The Crisis Center speaks on behalf of victims of domestic violence, educates and empowers victims, takes action to secure social justice for victims, and promotes systems changes throughout the community so victims can fully access their legal and social rights.

Comprehensive Services

CCSS works with clients to offer holistic, victim-centered services on a voluntary basis. Services focus on safety-related empowerment and are available 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year and free of charge. We offer support to clients to develop internal tools to work towards safety and to know how to access available support in the community. Clients are in charge of making decisions to meet their own needs. Our services are designed to help them meet those needs through a change in knowledge, attitude, skill, behavior, expectation, emotional status and/or life circumstance. Staff members bring their expertise and support to provide information and resources to the clients. Services For more information, visit our Services page.

Education and Resources

Through our educational resources, we empower clients, the community and professionals alike. We strive to address the dynamics and practical implications of domestic violence in work and personal settings, as well as broader societal issues. Through client services, we provide education in the areas of victim rights and personal safety planning, and resources to gain independence. Additionally, we help bring perspective to family and friends, trying to understand domestic violence and how to be a support to victims. Get educated about domestic violence through our informational resources or hands-on educational opportunities.

Community Partnership

The Crisis Center partners with the community in many ways. We believe our biggest impact comes through building relationships between us and the community. Developing partnerships with volunteers, donors and community members who are passionate about bringing positive change is integral in accomplishing our mission. CCSS provides education, services and support to the community, but it takes everyone getting involved on some level to create a movement that will truly impact our community. Learn more about how you can get involved and make an impact.