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Residential Shelter Services

The Crisis Center for South Suburbia Residential Shelter program offers a safe haven for individuals or families fleeing a domestic violence situation.  Our bright, updated, accessible residential facility accommodates up to 35 adults and children that can be housed for up to 60 days.  Our hope is that individuals can use the services offered to ensure safety, gain confidence, become empowered and obtain support while transitioning into the next stage of their lives.
client bedroom with bunk beds, a crib and personal desk and storage cabinet

What to Expect at the Residential Shelter

~No fees: The Residential Shelter program is free.

~Safe, private location: The Residential Shelter program makes everyone’s safety their first priority. Everyone associated with the shelter is asked to sign an agreement to keep the location confidential.

~Communal living setting: Residents share the kitchen, common living areas, bathrooms and bedrooms.

~Children’s safety:  As advocates, we understand that children are also impacted by domestic violence. Advocates will be able to work with both parents and children offering support, information and parenting resources.

~Domestic Violence education:  Through the Residential program, many services are offered including: counseling, case management, personalized safety plans and numerous educational groups.

~Self-provided childcare:  Children are under their parent’s watch and care at all times. Childcare may be provided during groups and other activities.

~Confidentiality: All client information is private and will not be shared with other agencies unless written permission is given. Residents are also asked to honor the privacy of other program participants by not discussing their names or situations with anyone else.

~Food, clothing, and toiletries: Provided to all residents at no cost.

~Laundry facilities: The Residential Shelter program has laundry facilities and will provide clients with linens (sheets, towels and blankets).

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