Call to Action…Victims of Domestic Violence Needs Your Help

Call to Action…Victims of Domestic Violence Needs Your Help

You have a chance to make a difference today.
One phone call. One email.   It’s that simple.


To victims and survivors of domestic violence
served by the Crisis Center for South Suburbia (CCSS),
the impact is very personal.   One client shared, “If it
weren’t for the Crisis Center, I probably wouldn’t be alive.
They saved my life and my daughter’s life.”  In the face
of looming budget cuts, the fear of losing funding for victims
of domestic violence has a very sobering effect for those receiving
and giving services.
The IL Department of Human Services Secretary Dimas has NOT
obligated General Revenue Funding (GRF) through the
Stop Gap Budget to Domestic Violence Victim Services for
State Fiscal Year 2017, despite domestic violence providers across
the state having signed contracts with the IL Department of Human Services.
For CCSS that could mean a loss of over $400,000 in agency funding,
leading to substantial cut backs in program operations.  CCSS Director of Finance,
Diane Veltman stated, “for the first time in over 20 years, I am truly concerned
that we will not receive our funding.  It could have significant ramifications for our programs.”
Please help us educate legislators that without these services families will not be safe and will face
continued trauma and homelessness.  

Act now. 

The Stop Gap Budget for 2017 is about to be finalized.

Please Call or email…
Senate DISTRICT #19:
Senator Mike Hastings
20855 S. LaGrange Rd., Suite 102
Frankfort, IL  60423
Phone: (815) 464-5431
Representative District #38:
Rep.  Al Riley
3649 W. 183rd St., Suite 102
Hazel Crest, IL  60429
Phone: (708) 799-4364

Governor Bruce Rauner

Phone: (217) 782-0244
Phone: (312) 814-2121
Senate District #7:
Senator Heather Steans
5533 N. Broadway
Chicago, IL 60640
Phone: 773-769-1717
Representative DISTRICT #13:
Rep. Greg Harris

1967 W. Montrose Ave.
Chicago, IL 60613
Phone: (773) 348.3434
And say…
  • I am an advocate for the Crisis Center for South Suburbia and I am concerned about domestic violence.
  • Please do everything you can to get Domestic Violence Victim Services General Revenue Funding OBLIGATED through the Stop Gap Budget.
  • Vital services for victims of domestic violence are at risk of reduction and elimination if the Domestic Violence Victim Services GRF funding is not obligated.
  • The IL Department of Human Services has SIGNED CONTRACTS with Domestic Violence Providers across the state and has given NO NOTICE that these contracts would NOT be paid.
  • Thank you for taking my call and considering helping us!

Thank you for working to rally the support

victims of domestic violence are counting on!

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